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Luxury Vermont Summer Rental By LuxRE Photography in Vermont


In the real estate market, leaving a lasting and favorable impression cannot be overstated. As technological advancements surge and property inventory remains scarce, prospective buyers and renters find themselves compelled to make swift decisions, often within days, or even hours.​ Stakeholders need to see what you’re offering or you may never hear from them.

Success in this competitive environment demands that you distinguish your property.  Investing in the services of a Professional Photographer is critical. Professional photography is the key to achieving your listing’s full potential sales value, especially when a multitude of subpar cellphone images saturate the market.

This is where LuxRE Photography excels. Offering an array of options from the nuanced light of dawn or twilight to the most advantageous angles, we use the best camera and lighting equipment, along with the experience and creative capabilities to present your property in its most captivating light.​

We invite and encourage you to schedule a consultation with us now to explore how LuxRE Photography can partner with you to elevate and enhance your marketing strategy.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation.


Unlock the full potential of your listing, gaining a formidable edge over competitors, through the powerful synergy of ground and aerial photography.​

Aerial Drone Photography presents an ideal solution for properties with the advantage of unique features such as enviable views, topography, landscape or gardens, historic significance, architectural design, or location.​

Enhance the communication with your market by making sure your property is seen in its entirety.​

We offer the utmost professionalism and compliance with regulations, as we hold FAA Part 107 licensing and comprehensive insurance coverage. Adherence to airspace and weather regulations further underscores our commitment to excellence.

We encourage you to fully showcase your property and invite you to discuss integrating aerial drone photography into your portfolio.​

Contact us now to elevate your property's presentation and make a lasting impression on prospective clients.

FAA Part 107 Licensed & Insured

*Airspace / Weather Permitting

Luxury Real Estate Aerial Drone Imaging By LuxRE Photography in Vermont


In the real estate market, visual representation transcends still photography; it embodies the essence of the lifestyle associated with your property.  Whether it be access to sports such as skiing, sailing, or golfing, or common amenities, the value of your property is enhanced by the lifestyle your property conveys with it  and your market needs to know this.

Beyond showcasing a dwelling, you are, in fact, curating an enticing lifestyle for your clients.   As such, videography is the medium that eloquently narrates the story of your property to prospective buyers.

​At LuxRE Photography & Videography, we specialize in breathing life into your property through a seamless fusion of ground and aerial videography, crafting a truly captivating visual experience for your market.

Immerse your clientele in its unique charm by leveraging our exceptional Videography Services. Take the initiative to explore the unparalleled possibilities with LuxRE's videography expertise.

​Contact us today to initiate a discussion on how our videography services can elevate your property's appeal and your marketing efforts to new heights.

Contact us today to initiate a discussion on how our videography services can elevate your property's appeal and elevate your marketing efforts to new heights.

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